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Concerto™ Detachable Coil System

More Ease. More Precision. More Control.

The Concerto™ detachable coil system is designed to deliver more at every stage of peripheral vasculature coil embolization.

Inherently soft fibered coils travel smoothly
through the microcatheter–enabling navigation
of torturous anatomy and access to distal
locations for targeted focal embolization.1
Superb distal performance provides easier
loop formation for accurate coil deployment
and secure positioning.
Unique articulation zone enables instant

Available Concerto™ sizes
Order Number Description Diameter
Shape Type Minimum
Compatibility (in)
NV-2-4-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 2 4 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-2-6-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 2 6 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-2-8-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 2 8 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-3-4-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 3 4 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-3-8-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 3 8 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-4-8-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 4 8 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-4-10-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 4 10 Helix Fibered 0.0165"
NV-5-15-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 5 15 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-5-20-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 5 20 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-6-20-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 6 20 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-7-30-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 7 30 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-8-30-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 8 30 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-9-30-Helix Concerto™ nylon helical 9 30 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-10-30-Helix Concerto™ PGLA helical 10 30 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-12-30-Helix Concerto™ PGLA helical 12 30 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-14-30-Helix Concerto™ PGLA helical 14 30 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-16-40-Helix Concerto™ PGLA helical 16 40 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-18-40-Helix Concerto™ PGLA helical 18 40 Helix Fibered 0.021"
NV-20-50-Helix Concerto™ PGLA helical 20 50 Helix Fibered 0.021"
The Concerto™ Detachable Coil System is indicated for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature.
Indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found on the product labeling supplied with each device.
CAUTION:Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.